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Emirates StadiumThe Emirates Stadium is all seater, with a capacity of 60,500. It is the home of Arsenal FC.

The stadium is actually called Ashburton Grove, but is named the Emirates Stadium due to a sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines.

Designed by HOK Sport (who also designed Sydney’s Olympic Stadium), the stadium, which opened in 2006, had a build cost close to £400 million. Away fans are housed in the lower tier of the South East corner. This lower tier is quite shallow, meaning that the view is not as good as it should be in a new stadium.

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How to Get To the Emirates Stadium

By Road:
emirates stadium directionsThe Emirates Stadium is located in Ashburton Grove, Holloway, London N5 1BU.

Away fans driving from the North should follow the M6, merging onto the M1. Exit at junction 2, following signs for Holloway / Central London (The City) / A1. The A1 merges into the Great North Way after about a mile, which should be followed for a further mile before taking a slight left onto the North Circular Road. After about ½ a mile take a right into Falloden Way and continue to follow the A1 for a further 3½ miles, turning left into Sandridge Street. There is a sharp left turn after approx. 1½ miles onto Hornsey Road. Take the third exit at the roundabout, leading to Ashburton Grove.

Drivers arriving from the South are advised to use the M3 as far as junction 2, exiting onto the M25 towards the M4/M1. At junction 15, take the M4 exit, signed London (W&C) / Reading / Slough. Keep right, following the signs for M4 / London (W) / London (C), merging onto the M4, after about 9 miles. Exit onto the A4 towards Chiswick / A315 / A205 /A308 /A406. At the Chiswick roundabout, take the first exit onto the North Circular Road (A406). Follow the A406, taking a slight right into Falloden Way after a further 9 miles. Directions are then as above. Additionally, numerous websites offer precise door-to-door directions to the Emirates Stadium. Entering “driving to Emirates Stadium” into a search engine should produce the appropriate results.

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By Rail:
arsenal train stationOverland trains connect from London Kings Cross station to Finsbury Park, which is only a 10-15 minute walk from the stadium. Away fans should note that Drayton Park station, located very near the stadium is closed at weekends.

The nearest convenient tube station is Arsenal, on the Piccadilly Line, just a few minutes from the Emirates. On exit, fans should turn right, following Drayton Park Road and using one of the railway brides to reach the stadium. Other convenient tube stations are Finsbury Park (Piccadilly Line) and Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line). Click here to check the current train timetables

By Air:
The nearest airport to the Emirates Stadium is London Heathrow at a distance of about 19 miles. The Heathrow tube station connects with the Piccadilly Line, allowing easy access to the Emirates Stadium (see above). Click here to check the current flight times

There are several taxi companies in London that can take you to and from the Emirates . You can always prebook a private hire taxi, or hail a black cab on any highway.

Calling all London Taxi Companies – Why not advertise your company here?.

Where to Park?

emirates stadium parkingDriving to the Emirates Stadium is definitely to be avoided, as strict match day parking restrictions operate around the stadium. Additionally, there is a total ban on vehicle movement in surrounding roads, one hour either side of the start and finish of a match. For those with no alternative to driving, parking at a tube station some way from the ground is recommended (Cockfosters is popular), followed by a hassle-free tube trip to the stadium.

Emirates Stadium Tours

Away Friendly Pubs near the Emirates Stadium

pubs near emirates stadiumRecommend “away friendly” pubs include the former Finsbury Park Tavern, now renamed the Twelve Pins, close to Finsbury Park tube station. Within 10 minutes of the stadium, it offers a good mix of home and away fans, receiving high marks for its congenial atmosphere.

Immediately opposite, the Blackstock pub has received decent reviews from visiting fans and offers a large screen with Sky Sports and Setanta. The Drayton Arms which overlooks the ground is the nearest pub suitable for visiting fans but gets uncomfortably busy on match days.

Hotels near the Emirates Stadium

hilton london islingtonThe Hilton London Islington is located at 53 Upper Street, London, N1 0UY, within 1½ miles of the Emirates Stadium and in close proximity to popular tourist attractions. This modern, stylish hotel has a 4-star rating, offers on-site parking and has attracted excellent reviews from fans visiting the Arsenal ground.

travlodge london kings crossFor those with a smaller budget, Travelodge London Kings Cross is situated at 100 Kings Cross Road, London WC1X 9DT, within walking distance of Kings Cross St Pancras tube station, just a few stops from the stadium. Visiting fans have described the rooms as basic but functional and more than adequate for a one-night stay.

Click here to see all hotels near the Emirates Stadium

What have other Away Fans said about their trip to the Emirates Stadium?

away fans arsenalOn the whole, visiting fans have been greatly impressed by their visit to the Emirates Stadium. Many have remarked upon the excellent facilities, offering highly padded, comfortable seats with ample leg room. The public address system was noted as excellent by away fans, being audible without the deafening quality of those in other grounds.

Most considered a day at the Emirates a rewarding experience and would have no hesitation in recommending it to other fans. On the downside, numerous visiting supporters complained of the intimidating atmosphere brought about by the proximity of the home fans. Others, while impressed by the stadium’s looks, were disappointed by the view of play offered from the lower tier seats they were allocated.

The refreshments served inside the ground have also received considerable criticism, in terms of quality, available range and prices, which were considered to be extortionate.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for mentioning the Twelve Pins. I’m working on a website for the pub right now, at, feel free to add a link to the site above. I’ll be adding a link to this page as a good guide to getting to the stadium.
    (repost:typo in the link)

  2. As above, don’t even bother trying to drive anywhere near the ground – the police have closed all roads within about half a mile of the ground, so you’re better off parking well away (there is on-street parking, but some roads are permit-holders only) and walking to the ground, which is easy enough to find.

    Our pub of choice was the Drayton Arms, which although it seemed heaving inside it seemed mainly due to the queues for the toilets, as the bar staff were lightning quick at serving, and you could then take your pint outside (I guess weather permitting!) as they’re all served in shatter-proof glasses.

    The ground itself is certainly breath-taking. “Wow” is the only word to sum up the first view you get from inside the stadium. However, I left with a feeling of sadness that it was all a little too plastic, designed as a money-making machine, and found myself longing for a “real” football ground somewhere up north with an uncovered terrace. Little/no atmosphere was offered up by the Arsenal “faithful” (7,000 of whom turned down a FREE ticket to see their team play in an FA Cup tie against Championship opponents), and I point-blank refused to pay the extortionate prices for food and drink inside the ground.

    As you first sit down, you marvel at what a wonderful view of the whole pitch you have. Just wait however until the game actually begins, and one person, twenty rows in front of you decides to stand up. Then the two people behind him have to stand up to see. And the 5 people behind them have to stand up in order to see. And the 10 people behind them, and the entire row behind them. And so on..

    For a new stadium, the toilet facilities are inadequate. Having left at the stroke of half time, I arrived back at my seat nearly 5 minutes into the second half (to find us 1-0 down.. grr) – It’s the same at New Wembley – what is it with stadium designers?

    Even allowing for the rubbish toilets, expensive grub, lack of atmosphere and people blocking your view, I’d have no hesitation in recommending a trip to the Emirates, at least once with your team – It is not only a really great day out, but it’ll make you appreciate your team, with its real fans and non-corporate mentality more!

  3. Top tip on parking: there is loads of free parking at weekends and evenings near Tufnell park tube station. There is non-permit parking (weekends and week nights) off the Brecknock road. It’s only about a 20 minute walk from the stadium too, so not too bad!

  4. Like with all London grounds; public transport is the only thing to use. The Erimates Stadium has 3 nearby tube/train
    stations. Arsenal, (Piccadilly Line) Highbury & Islington & also Finsbury Park (Overground). The ground is very well signposted & with the amount of the fans who attend then you just follow them. There is a bridge that takes to the stadium, with the very impressive merchandise store below. But leave a just before the final whistle as the police only allow a certain amount of fans to enter the train stations a time. If your an away fan, then cover your colours too, as depending on the result some of the supporters can become a bit nasty. However most of them are okay.

  5. By the way you can drive down to Arnos Grove in Noth London, just south of Barnet, park in a street for free and then get on the underground and it’s only 2 stops to Highbury & Islington which takes 10 mins to walk to the Stadium.

  6. Have visited Emirates 3 times,by far the best away ground in the country.Drayton Arms is a must,Arsenal fans are decent enough.As for parking,I parked about a mile away going towards M1 and got the bus to the ground with a good 30 minute walk back.Free parking in the street also.Petrol station nearby as a landmark.Not seen any trouble on the 3 occasions and recommended unlike OT.

  7. There is a little cafe bar on Holloway Road just a couple of hundred yars from the stadium and the tube station. It serves really good food and also lots of cold beer. It’s a good alternative to a pub if everywhere is packed. It’s called Latin Flame and it is run by a really friendly young couple.

  8. My visit to the emirates was in the 2008/2009 season. I have mixed feelings about the ground and Arsenal fans. As with most London away games it involves staying in London then taking a tube to the match. It was impressed with the ground outside. We found a wonderful cafe situated in the side roads around the ground. It was pretty cheap for london, and far cheaper than food around the ground. I got a Cheeseburger, Chips and can of Coke for £3. It was a nice little cafe and the staff and fans were freindly. Outisde the ground the Arsenal fans are very freindly. As the way end is in the corner on the lower tier it seems to me that it gives Arsenal fans above an easy oppurtunity drop things on the away fans. During the 2nd half a group of Everton fans near the divide the opposite side to us seemed to be getting quite agitated and pointing to the stewards up at the Arsenal fans above. They were suggesting that Arsenal fans were throwing things although I can’t confirm this. We didn’t have on objects dropped on us. Things escalated rapidly and a small group of Everton fans in anger at not being able to reach to Arsenal fans above charged to divide between the 2 fans causing stewards to burst in. It wasn’t that serious but numerous objects were thrown at the Arsenal fans nearest. I felt sorry for these fans as they’d done noting wrong. Outside there actually wasn’t a hint of trouble depsite what had gone on in the ground. Also a strange situation seems to be reported at the Emirates. For some unknown reason the tickets are tiny and you seem to end with neutrals in the away end. A group of african or west indian people seemed to be sitting in the heart of the Everton fans. As it’s commonley known that Everton don’t have a huge amount of black fans they seemed to stick out. I don’t know whether they were Arsenal fans but they were eventually removed for their own safety after a few idiots got a bit wound up in our end.

  9. just been to emirates went to 12 pins as reccomended only to be turned away(home fans only)luckily blackstocks over the road were happy to have our buisness,or like many others were doing nip in the offlicence next door and stand outside much cheeper and quicker.The emirates itself is fantastic on the eye but lacks a little atmosphere and the ques to get in were a total shambles,i arrived 15mins before kick off and missed the first 7 minutes of game,whether this was down to arsenal stewarding(searches etc or leeds own membership card policy i dont know but it needs sorting out,having said that a great day out even a good unexpected result,never any hassle at arsenal over the years one of the friendliest places to visit.

  10. Hate to say it as a Spurs fan, but Arsenal have got exactly what we need – a money making machine! Having said that, it’s a very impressive stadium. Don’t have far to travel, but recommend drinking before arriving at stadium. Hope we can achieve the same success as them, but not at the expence of moving to the Olympic Stadium.

  11. spot on ground and supporters. Parked in a near by street for free. home supporters are very quite and dont really sing (well not at all really). highbury was better for the atmosphere. all the home fans do is moan about everything poor support really. We threw away a 1 nil lead so crappy day. on a plus side got back to fazakerly in 4 hours not bad going

  12. First visit to the Emirates and from first impression looked fantastic outside and was just as impressed inside but was a little dissapointed with the view we had as couldnt judge the game that well. Stewards were intent on winding the Wolves fans up by constantly telling everybody to sit down dispite Arsenal fans all standing up behind their shoulders. Nipped off 20 mins in to grab some food before the ques and couldnt believe no food apart from hot dogs at a staggering £5. Prior to the game we went to the Drayton Arms as recommended which was ok and full of Wolves fans. Top tip arrive at Cockfosters early to catch the tube as we didnt with traffic congested and couldnt park and had to drive further to Southgate. As the game was men against boys we left 5 mins early and caught tube back easy, then had half an hour or so at Southgate for some snap before setting off home. Had a good day out despite the 2-0 defeat and highly recommend a visit.

  13. Whenever I make my way to the Emirates I park at Cockfosters tube and tube it to Arsenal from there. About a fiver to park but pretty secure and an easy getaway onto the M25 only 15 minutes from Arsenal station.

  14. Only been there in the home end with my uncle who is an Arsenal season ticket holder. Fantastic facilities, spacious leg room, confortable seats, average atmosphere at best. Arsenal may have Spurs beat on many levels, but when it comes to vocal support, they are not even close. I have also been to an Arsenal away game in the Champions League as well, and they were good but not great. Easy ground to get to, loads of tube/rail stations nearby. Nice, pretty stadium, but not a great arena for football, more like a cavernous airport.

  15. Very very nice stadium, quick entry. Cant remember leg room cos never sat down, but i didnt notice it being small. My big criticism is the atmosphere is dreadful. Didnt have the food but service at bars were good. We went to a pub near Bakers street beforehand

  16. Agree with many comments – the ground is very corporate, but probably the best appointed in the land. Foot is ridiculously over-prices, but there food of every sort 5 mins away on Holloway Road. Travel home is a nightmare, tube is best or walk to Finsbury Park for overground.

    Atmosphere can be good but usually only against the top few teams and CL knock-out. Very safe outside – never seen any issues other from the occasional (usually drunk) away fan.

  17. I was at last week’s brilliant Man U vs Arsenal match, where our boys did us proud against the Gooners. But one thing I have to give Arsenal credit for is a local pie place that we found – very amusingly called Piebury Corner.. Seriously tasty pies – all named after Arsenal players. They’re on Gillespie Road, N5 – which is the road that you come out on, if you get the tube to Arsenal stadium. Turn left out of the tube and it’s just up on the right-hand-side… Or I think if you’re coming from Finsbury Park, you turn right off Blackstock Road and then it’s down on your left…. It’s perfect cos you can pick up a pie and then eat it during the short walk to the Emirates stadium. We thought it was a perfect way to line our stomachs before a few pints and the match.

  18. this is the best stadium i have been 2 soo far and im going mewcastle tomorrow and it will have to take some beating. the stadium is masive but you are just too far from the other side the pitch must be the bigest in the premier leauge.out side of the stadiumis the nicest i have ever been. the food inside is noo good yu are better getting it befor you goinside the food was too cold. the place where the coaches park was very cramped. this is the best stadium that i have been to and this is the best match i have been 2 and what made it better was that we drew 1-1

  19. went there in january of this year for the fa cup game.ticket prices were ok and we took 5000 fans which made for a good atmosphere.the one downfall was that we had to park in a retail park or something like that .probobly because we had 72 coaches.

    anyway it was a long walk to the ground but i dont know if that has changed as i havent been there for a epl game.the home fans were freindly but there we the odd bunch who tried hurling abuse.

    theres a great pub opposite the away end cant remember the name.concourse in very big and when we got to our seats there was good leg room .food was over priced 5 quid for a hotdog .not good at all.streets were crammed after the game but apart from that a good day out.

    one last thing would have to be the traffic after and before the game took up 1hours just to get on the main road .

    up the villaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  20. Ive just heard the White Lion of Mortimer on Stroud green road will be an away fan pub! Worth checking out. Postcode N4 3PX. Wetherspoon pub!

  21. We are a local away fans friendly pub 15 minutes walk from the Emirates stadium. We serve food and drink all day and are a great place to meet before the game kicks off, come down and enjoy yourselves in a friendly atmosphere for home and away fans

  22. Read lots of comments about travelling to the stadium by car , I have been living up north now for 10 years and have always drove down and parked the car at Potters Bar train station just a 10 min drive from the M25 and a 10 min train ride to finsbury park , a lot quicker than getting the tube from cockfosters . Hope this helps on your next visit to Corparate Towers !!!!

  23. Brilliant View, brilliant stadium, very much an experience i feel is needed to see this wonderful stadium, all i will say is the prices are outragous, on tickets and food and drink if you are going to go, i recomend a coach, as i struggled to find away pubs

  24. Great stadium although the view from the lower stand (away supporters) was rather limited. Seats were comfy with lots of leg room. The staff and stewards were all marvellous, very friendly and helpful and engaging in light banter at times. The prices inside the stadium are beyond extortionate though!

    The Drayton is a friendly pub for away supporters, located the other end of the bridge away from the stadium (by the big concrete Arsenal letters) but was packed before the match with people queuing to get in upto two hours before kick off.

  25. Went to the Emirates in April this year and was the best away day experience i’ve had. Went down to London on the train and although we went into Central London for pubs alot of my mates said that The Drayton Arms is good for away fans as is The Twelve Pins, underground is easy wherever you come from but from central london we went straight from Covent Garden upto Hollaway Road and we were at the ground within 5 minutes. Ground is phenomenal although prices for food and drink is ridiculous so advise you too drink and eat outside. I sat in lower tier and view was excellent good banter between fans although atmosphere from arsenal fans isn’t the best! Arsenal fans can get annoying from upper tier if your not into banter with home fans but as i am it was good! overall brillant day and well worth the money! definitely reccomend it!

  26. The Emirates is a stunning ground! Chelsea were allocated 9000 for the Capital One cup and there was a great atmosphere and a lot of banter going back and forth past the stewards-winning 2-0 was a great feeling and singing ‘Is there a fire-drill’ was very entertaining!! If you want too know your exact seat, this will come in handy! ‘Emirates-view from your seat’ gives you an animated picture of your view! The tickets are tiny little things as well! For the cup game I was in the 29th row of the lower (back row) but it was still a good view. One problem is the queue system outside-I waited for 30 minutes before putting my ticket through the reader. Enjoy the emirates!

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